Easy & Simple
Installing and Operating CTRING’s Standalone NVR is as easy as conventional DVR. Auto Scan and CK Pro.
topnos nvr
DHCP Server
NVR provides DHCP server function. When DHCP server is not available within the network then conveniently
user can use NVR as server to allocate IP address to each IP cameras.
topnos nvr
Unlimited Storage
Up to 8 HDDs can be mounted internally and One eSATA storage(up to 4HDDs) can be added up on demand
for longer and safe recording.
topnos nvr
Local Functionality
Unlike other NVRs, NT/NX series has local Audio In/Out, Alarm In/Out, RS485 Terminals and so on to enhance
local performance and user convenience.
topnos nvr
Various IP Camera
Supporting the latest Onvif Profile.
topnos nvr
Seamless Live & Playback
Superior Hardware specification allowed NT/NX series to give smooth and seamless Live and Playback even in multi-channel display.
topnos nvr
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