topnos 960h dvr
960H Real Time Digital Video Recorder
It features 4/8/16 CH real time recording (Max. 30fps @960H per channel) over coax.

It adopts the most advanced H.264 codec, high profile, and up to 6TB HDDs
can be installed internally.
This model is suitable for convenience store, pharmacy or similar places
where requires long-term recording with more clear analog video quality.

The most advanced Analog DVR with compact and lite design.
· 4/8/16 960H Video Input
· 960H Real Time on Live View
· RS-485 over Coax (PTZ, Camera Menu Control)
· Real Time Recording & Playback Max. 30(25)fps per Channel
· HD-OUT & VGA Output - Full HD (Max. 1920 x 1080)
· Picture Quality : Utmost Graphic, Respectively Comparing Its Picture Size
· Mobile Viewer : iPad / iPhone / Android
· Dual Stream : Optimize Network Transfer Speed
· POS text insertion (Patent Pending) : Displaying & Recording Transaction Data from POS
· User Friendly GUI : Flexible, Easy and Convenient
· Advanced CMS Software : Convenient and Versatile Software
· S.M.A.R.T : Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
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