Full Featured Enterprise Class Surveillance Solution
CMS Pro is an Advanced Enterprise Class Central Monitoring System.
It features Max. 512 channel display on dual monitor display. CMS Pro supports customizable
Multi Grouping by DVRs & Cameras, Smart & Thumbnail search, Instant recording & playback
and Multi Level & Hierarchical E-map for intuitive use.
Model Minimum Recommended
CPU Dual Core 2.0GHz Quad Core 2.5GHz or higher
Main Memory 1GB 2GB or higher
Video Memory 512B 1GB or higher
Display Resolution 1024ⅹ768 (with 32bit color) or higher
HDD Storage Space 160GB or higher
Network 100~1000 Mbps Fast Ethernet
Operating System Selectable
Others DirectX 9.0 C or higher
Max.512 Channel Display
CMS Pro supports Dual Monitor Display of each 256 views.
Smart Search
Users are able to search specific videos by setting the 
certain area of a channel to detect motion.
If the movement is detected in the area, it will automatically 
display the video clip in the search window.
Multi Grouping
Users are able to select certain channels from
specific DVRs and make their own combination 
with them as a group.
Instant Playback
CMS Pro provides instant playback function on 
Live, Log list and Event list by choosing the items.
Thumbnail Search
CMS Pro supports Thumbnail Search (Panorama Search) 
by setting specific date and time.
Full Functional Log Windows
Log Windows show users the full functions such as 
Remote System Log, System Log and Event Log.
Event Pop-up
Users are notified with pop-up window when there is 
anyevent, such as alarm, motion, emergency etc, 
occurs on the connected DVR.
Live on E-map
CMS Pro supports Live Pop-up view on E-map. 
This function enables users to monitor the live video 
directly on E-map.
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