PTZ Controller for CCTV
CP1300 is an advanced Keyboard controller with Touch pad and 3-Axis joystick.
With built in touch pad it is even easier to control the DVR only with the keyboard controller.
· Touch Pad Mouse
· Controls up to 255 Cameras
· Multiple Protocol Supported in each Channel
· Low Energy Consuming Keyboard
· RS-485 / RS-422 Communication
· Programmable User Preferences (Preset, Tour, Group, etc.)
· Built-in 3-Axis Proportional Joystick
· Easy Upload of Programmed Data via Serial Communication
· Built-in 2 Lines Character LCD
· User Password Support
· Programmable Transmission Speed for each ID
· Easy to be Integrated with DVR (Key-Code Value Provided)
· Controls DVR Functions with Touch Pad
· Controls Camera Functions such as Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and Focus.
· Sets and Calls Camera Preset Positions
· Activates Pre-Programmed Group Presets, Tour and Pattern Sequences.
· The LCD is used to display current status as well as to provide a menu system for setting operational parameters.
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