Maximum External Storage Extension
e-SATA external storage is able to expand the storage of DVR up to 4HDDs each for longer conservation of lager scale data. It is very easy to use with supporting plug & play and hot plug-in by just plugging the power and e-SATA cable to appropriate devices.
· 1U 19 inch Rackmount Chassis
· Serial ATA II (3.0 Gbs) Interface Enclosure
· Support up to 4 Serial ATA I, II HDDs
· Accommodate HDDs for Massive Data Storages
· Hi Level of Flexibility
- Support Multiple Motherboards, SATA HBA Compatibility
- Accommodating Wide Range of HDD Products
· Ease of Use
- Easy to Use without Additional Settings
- Support Plug & Play and Hot Plug-in
· Minimum CPU Usage
· Designed for High Capacity Expansion and Cost-effective Data Storage Applications
· Disk Array
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